Adamanda's Seattle 2000

Amanda went to the WatchMark office in Bellevue, Washington in March 2000. Adam took his laptop and worked from the hotel room ... As if you didn't know, click the little one to see a bigger one.
Discovery Park Discovery Park to the north of Seattle. Fantastic views of Puget Sound, the Olympic mountains and Mt. Rainier ... in the summer. It was pretty cloudy this day. In fact the Olympic rain forests looked like they were taking a reet hammering.
Deception Pass The bridge over Deception Pass between the mainland and Whidbey Island. It's called Deception Pass cos Captain Vancouver was tempted down there thinking it was a way to somewhere, which it turned out not to be. I don't read the little plaques very carefully :-)
Deception Pass The view from the bridge over Deception Pass out to the San Juans and Vancouver Island.
Deception Pass The view from the bridge over Deception Pass, in towards the mainland. We spotted a bald eagle land in the trees on the left. We waited patiently for fifteen minutes (OK, we'll never make wildlife photographers) as he sat there, looking from side to side and nibbling his talons. Just as we were walking away, he took off and flew right over where we'd been standing.
Port Townsend Arriving at Port Townsend on the Olympic peninsular, on board the Klickitat. It's only $8 for two people in a car to take the half-hour ferry ride. The info says that you might see Harbor seals, Orcas and Dall's Porpoises playing in the wake. We didn't :-)
Hurricane Ridge View from Hurricane Ridge, north towards Port Angeles and Dungeness (where the crabs come from) Spit. Victoria in British Columbia can easily be seen ... by us. You can't because it's not a particularly good camera.
Hurricane Ridge View from Hurricane Ridge into the heart of the Olympic mountains.
Hurricane Ridge Messing around in the snow at the Hurricane Ridge ski area.
Crescent Lake Sunday morning dawns bright and still, and Crescent Lake is beautiful. US101 is a pretty good road too.
Kalaloch Big trees washed up in an inlet at Kalaloch on the Pacific coast.
Westport Us whale watching at Westport. We didn't see any whales, despite this being right in the middle of the California Grey Whale migration. Pretty stupid really: if they're passing for 3 months and there are only about a dozen of them altogether, what are the chances of two idiots squinting out to sea for half an hour spotting one? Especially since they don't stick much of themselves out of the water. And they're the same colour as the water. And they're bloody miles out.

The breakers were pretty kewl though.

Mt Rainier Coming back towards Seattle on Sunday afternoon was the best view we got of Mt. Rainier. Monday morning we went as close as we could - the park is still closed for winter - but it was too cloudy to get a view. We did go up to Cougar Mountain and mess around in another ski area.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge We've seen the film, but until you've been to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and seen how big it is and how far above the the water it is, you don't realise how scary it would be to run away from your Volkswagen while the wind twisted the bridge as if it was made of paper.