Adamanda's Stelvio Page

Scooby at Stelvio A friend's birthday party just south of Milan gave us an opportunity to drive the famous Stelvio Pass, in the Italian Alps near the Swiss border, within a few miles of the exclusive ski resorts of Klosters and St. Moritz.

There aren't many roads which are tourist attractions in their own right, and there are plenty of quicker ways to cross the Alps, but Stelvio is a busy place on a summer afternoon.
Stelvio This is the most spectacular eastern side of the pass, with some ludicrous number of hairpins (I think it's over ninety!). Unfortunately it's not the best side to drive, as the road is so narrow and the hairpins so tight. Every corner is taken in first gear, there's no visibility if you're going up, and if you misjudge the line you have to reverse and have another go!

Still, it's an experience, and good practice changing into first on the move.
Stelvio Here's a closer view of the top of the east side of the pass. Bikes are spectacularly faster than cars (particularly turbo'd cars with tall gearing :-) and at least have a chance of overtaking the slow tourist traffic (of which there is a lot)

The other side of the pass is wider, quieter, more varied, and hugely more satisfying to drive. The hairpins are faster, and the road is less steep, so there aren't any of the vision-obscuring retaining walls. Another pass joins the top of Stelvio, and that's pretty damned fantastic too, offering a few miles of poorer tarmac with a dusting of light gravel - not enough to trouble the bodywork, but enough to add some interesting slides on the un-barriered road!

We haven't got any pictures of the other bits, because we just drove them :-)