Flight to Huddersfield, August 2006

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Not a great photo (from 3,000ft), but a nice view of some of the cold war jets at Bruntingthorpe (home of XH558)
Mallory Park

Mand likes this angle. It makes me a bit seasick.

Nice to see they don't make you use the stupid chicane at Gerrards.
Darley Moor

This should help you learn the circuit. See if you can spot a left-hander.
Cat & Fiddle

The pub in the foreground, looking along the pass as it winds down to Macclesfield

Derwent Dam, one of sites where 617 Squadron practiced for the Dambusters raid

We did our Dambusters re-enactment at 300ft[1], 50mph, during the day, humming the theme tune, being pointed at by tourists.
Hard to imagine doing it at 60ft, 240mph, at night, while being shot at and listening to your friends dying :-(.
Huddersfield International

The quarry on the right provides the rotor during final; the hill top just to the north provides the crosswind rotor.

A 20kt crosswind means it's best to stay in the caravan

Alex makes the internationally-recognised Biggles' Goggles hand signal as we (finally) manage to take off.
I hope they look after Nigger while we're away.

[1] climbing to 500ft as we went over the dam, of course