WFAeC France 2007

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Our first trip across the Channel, and our first group trip: the WFAeC's trip to France at the end of August 2007, with 7 fixed-wing microlights and 4 flexwings.

Tremendous thanks are due to the organisation and planning by the experienced travellers of the WFAeC.

If you have Google Earth (and if you haven't, I strongly recommend it) and download this small file, you can click on a camera icon to see the photo taken there.
Wed 29th: Home, Headcorn, Abbeville, Bernay
Wed, 07:58Z
Wed, 07:58Z
Leeds Castle
It was the first Channel crossing for us and for Andy, so we paired up. There are lots of worries about the dangers of crossing this 20 miles of water, but it seemed easy enough this time: the engine couldn't tell we were over water; the weather was lovely; the fan kept going around; we were fine.
Wed, 10:17Z
Wed, 10:17Z
Wed, 10:19Z
Wed, 10:19Z
Wed, 10:19Z
Wed, 10:19Z
Wed, 10:21Z
Wed, 10:21Z
"Coasting out" at Dover
Wed, 10:29Z
Wed, 10:29Z
A brace of CTSW whizz past underneath us
Wed, 10:31Z
Wed, 10:31Z
Wed, 13:26Z
Wed, 13:26Z
Abbeville. All the fixed-wings in the group have gone already, but it's a bit windy for us
Thu 30th: Bernay, Le Mans, Thouars, Le Thou
Thu, 09:47Z
Thu, 09:47Z
Le Mans
Thu, 10:40Z
Thu, 10:40Z
Fri 31st: Le Thou, La Roche sur Yon, La Baule-Escoublac, Granville
Fri, 09:49Z
Fri, 09:49Z
Fri, 11:42Z
Fri, 11:42Z
La Roche Sur Yon
Fri, 17:52Z
Fri, 17:52Z
Mont St. Michel, of course
Fri, 17:54Z
Fri, 17:54Z
We were there at sunset, but malheureusement there was a low overcast, so the beautiful photo opportunity turned into a Photoshop rescue exercise.
We hoped it'd be better the next morning, but it wasn't.
Sat 1st: Granville, Courseulles sur Mer, Abbeville, Headcorn
Sat, 08:55Z
Sat, 08:55Z
Pointe du Hoc, between Utah and Omaha D-Day beaches,
with the monument to the US Rangers
Sat, 08:56Z
Sat, 08:56Z
When we visited in 2003, my (slightly dim) friend John was impressed that the shelling missed all of the footpaths
Sat, 09:03Z
Sat, 09:03Z
The American Cemetary: huge and humbling on the ground, huge and humbling from the air
Sat, 09:09Z
Sat, 09:09Z
The Mulberry artificial harbours at Arromanches
(due to the low cloud, another Photoshop rescue exercise)
Sat, 12:09Z
Sat, 12:09Z
Quite a big bridge over the mouth of the Seine at Honfleur (Deauville/Le Havre)

Being on top of clouds is my favourite thing about flying.
Sat, 15:41Z
Sat, 15:41Z
Looking Southwest from Dieppe back towards Normandy: I'm glad we're not going that way.
Sat, 15:41Z
Sat, 15:41Z
Sat, 15:42Z
Sat, 15:42Z
Looking East, much nicer
Rick escorts us back across the Channel.
Nobody else mentioned it, but having read so many WWII books - not to mention a morning flying along the D-Day beaches - flying towards the White Cliffs from France raises quite a lump in the throat
Sat, 16:30Z
Sat, 16:30Z
Sat, 16:39Z
Sat, 16:39Z
Nose-up at Quantum speed
Sat, 16:41Z
Sat, 16:41Z
Sat, 16:46Z
Sat, 16:46Z
Sat, 16:49Z
Sat, 16:49Z
Rick coasting in at the White Cliffs of Dover
Sat, 16:58Z
Sat, 16:58Z
The Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne
Sun 2nd: Headcorn, Stapleford, Home
Sun, 05:37Z
Sun, 05:37Z
The burners in the bloons woke us up as they passed low over our tent :-)
Sun, 05:41Z
Sun, 05:41Z
Even sheeps can be photogenic with a bit of dawn mist
Sun, 06:31Z
Sun, 06:31Z
A memorial to our friend, who died in a parachuting accident at Headcorn
Aerial photos Copyright © 2007 Amanda Curtin; Ground photos Copyright © 2007 Adam Curtin