Adamanda's Track Days Page

Cadwell 6th-7th August Ixion
Cadwell 7th-8th August Ixion
Rockingham 1st October
Cadwell 12th-13th July Ixion
Ixion@Cadwell, August '06 Cadwell 3rd-4th August Ixion
Ixion@Cadwell, July '05 Cadwell 13th-14th July Ixion
Rockingham, September '04 Rockingham 12th September Focused Events
Ixion@Cadwell, July '04 Cadwell 15th-16th July Ixion
  Cadwell 30th September Hopp Rider Training
Cardwell, August '03 Cadwell 29th August Track Tamers
Rockingham, August '03 Rockingham 20th August Rockingham
Ixion@Cadwell, July '03 Cadwell 3rd-4th July Ixion
  Cadwell 24th April 100% Bikes
  Cadwell 19th August Track Tamers
Ixion@Cadwell, July '02 Cadwell 18th-19th July Ixion
  Cadwell 17th June Track Tamers
Ixion@Cadwell, September '01 Cadwell 25th-26th September Ixion
Ring, September '01 Nürburgring September (bike)
Donington, May '01 Donington June (bike)
Ring, May '01 Nürburgring May (bike)
Ring, April '01 Nürburgring April (bike)
  Cadwell 25th September Track Tamers
Ring, August '00 Nürburgring August (nothing :-( )
Ixion@Cadwell, June '00 Cadwell 9th-10th June Ixion
Ring, April '00 Nürburgring 19th-23rd April / 7th May (bike)
Donington, September '99 Donington 17th September MCN
  Cadwell 31st August Speed Freaks
Ring, August '99 Nürburgring 20th-22nd August (bike)
  Lydden 14th August Andy Bryant's Son Of Ixion
Girlies at Mallory, August '99 Mallory 2nd August Tracktime Promotions
SonOfIxion @ Cadwell, July '99 Cadwell 21st July Ixion
  Cadwell 16th June Rider Support Services
  Donington 13th June Speed Freaks
  Cadwell 7th June Tracktime Promotions
RSS @ Cadwell, June '99 Cadwell 28th May Ixion
  Wethersfield 21st May Subaru Impreza Drivers Club
  Nürburgring 8th-9th May (bike)
  Nürburgring 2nd-5th Apr (car)
SIDC @ Donington, Oct '98 Donington 26th Oct (car)
  Nürburgring 17th-19th Oct Ixion
KRC @ Donington, Sep '98 Donington 23rd Sep Kawasaki Riders Club
Coldwell, Sep '98 Cadwell 14th Sep Track Tamers
  Silverstone 3rd Sep Kawasaki Riders Club
  Castle Combe 22nd Aug Subaru Impreza Drivers Club
Speed Freaks @ Donington, Sep '98 Donington 18th Aug Speed Freaks
  Nürburgring 11th Aug Just driving by :-)
Ixion@Cadwell, July '98 Cadwell 23rd-24th Jul Ixion
  Cadwell 17th Jul Subaru Impreza Drivers Club
  Cadwell 25th Jun Track Tamers
  Donington 17th Jun Kawasaki Riders Club
  Cadwell 21st May Tracktime Promotions
Coldwell, September '97 Cadwell 22nd Sep Track Tamers
KRC @ Cadwell, August '97 Cadwell 26th Aug Kawasaki Riders Club
  Donington 6th Aug Kawasaki Riders Club
Cardwell, August '97 Cadwell 2nd Aug Track Tamers
Ixion@Cadwell, June '97 Cadwell 18th Jun Ixion
  Mallory 14th June (race school)
The College Years
IC @ Goodwood, Jan '88 Goodwood early 88 IC Bike Club
  Goodwood 28th Nov 87 IC Bike Club
  Brands late 86 (race school)
  Cadwell 17th Mar 86 IC Bike Club
  Brands 29th Oct 85 (race school)

Other fun Driving/Riding

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