Adamanda's September '01 Trip to the Nürburgring

More of the same on my last trip to the Ring :-(

Adam & Yellow #3
It all started so well. I went out on the track, a lot
Adam & Ben in Wallace hats
I went for a slow lap with Ben (and borrowed his "Wallace" helmet)
Adam & Phil on R1NGA
... and a fast one with Phil (not such a Wallacey helmet though)
Adam's Pflantzgarten'd boot
But then on Saturday lunchtime, I fell off.
Karim & Dave get saucy
I wasn't the only one to have badness on this trip. Dave (if you don't recognise the face, he's the one on the left) had his M5 stolen - including clothes, leathers, helmet, money, passport ... small consolation that his arse is perter than Karim's ;->
Phil in muddy leathers
Phil fell off his supermoto, showing off to the girlies at Adenauer Forst
Monreau Monreau castle
On Sunday I sulked, and it rained.
On Monday the track opened at lunchtime, so in the morning we went to Monreau, a picturesque village with a castle.
Adam & Yellow #3 return from a lap
After falling off, I wanted to get back out on my bike: I did 250 miles on track in the afternoon
Yellow #3's scratched fairing
This fairing panel had been on the bike for exactly one week.

How did I do it wrong again?


Around Saturday lunchtime, the weather was threatening wet - so I was going extra carefully. After the first apex in that nice bit of Pflantzgarten, the front slipped away, exactly the same as it did at Donington in June.

I was very, very lucky that it happened at one of the few Ring bends with a gravel trap.

It was a slight consolation that other folk found the track slippery too - though other bikes came through the bend at similar speeds and lines, and they were OK. So I could say I was just unlucky, but the Ring is a very dangerous place and I'd like to think I was more in control than just trusting to luck.

On Monday, I started very, very, very slowly, and very, very gradually increased to about the average traffic speed.

I couldn't really say I had fun, although it was much better than sulking in the car park.

I had a fright in my very first lap on Monday: a couple of bikes overtook me near the start, and a mile later they were in the armco, slipped off on some dodgy Golf's mile-long oil spill.

The unpredictability of their crash, and the fact that if I'd been going at normal speed it would've been me in the armco, left me very shaken - you have no chance of anticipating this kind of crash - if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, it's going to happen to you.

This doesn't make me a happy puppy - I like to have a bit more control over whether I'm going to crash.

At the time, I wasn't sure if I'd return to the Ring. It's a horrid journey from England, it made Amanda (understandably) very nervous when I was on the track, and there was nothing for her to do unless there were friends in the car park - not a great use of her limited holiday time. Riding when the weather's good and the track's empty is one of the best feelings I know, and the social side is great too.

I made ready to say goodbye: I did some very careful laps on Monday, trying to ride a good line through each corner. I eventually managed to get Adenauer Forst right, and finally to do a complete lap which I was happy with.

After a tentative Ixion@Cadwell the week after this crash, and a good winter/spring riding on the road, I decided I'd give the Ring another go.

But in July '02, (two weeks before our trip), there was yet another rider killed after crashing on an oil spill. In my opinion it would be very, very stupid to continue to expose myself to that risk.

I don't intend to ride the Ring again.

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