Adamanda's May '01 Trip to the Nürburgring

I hugely enjoyed the riding on this trip. We had good weather, and I really felt I was getting back into it after my crash.

The bike felt fantastic, and I hadn't had nearly enough fun when it was time to come home. I booked a track evening at Donington a fortnight later, crashed and broke my scaphoid, and that was me knackered for the summer :-(

(I was back on the bike in time for our September Ring trip, which I really enjoyed until I crashed again :-( ... at least I was lucky enough not to hurt myself that time)

Yellow #2 & #3 before the trip
It started the same as any other trip to the Ring
Adam & Yellow #3 before a lap
... then it continued the same as any other ...
Adam & Yellow #3 at the gate
... but then! nothing different happened.
I had lots and lots of fun.
Adam & yellow #3 come back safe
Happily, I rode off the track the same number of times as I rode on to it

Easter '01
September '01