Adamanda's Easter '01 Trip to the Nürburgring

Das Wetter

All this way and it's snowing
It was snowing when we arrived Thursday night, and snowing when we unloaded the bikes Friday morning.
Yellow #3, RVF & Richiemouse
Spectators in the snow at Brunnchen
It snowed a lot Friday afternoon - and some people still had deck-chairs out to spectate at Brünnchen.
Adam & Yellow #3 at the gate
Saturday was OK - I even took my ski-jacket off for a while
Snowy car park
It snowed enough on Sunday for them to close the track all day
Loading in hail
And while we were packing up Monday lunchtime ... it hailed, just for a change


Adam donning Arctic Bike Garb
I was going to ride whatever the weather ... I had a lap to finish.
(I think 355 days may be some kind of lap record)
Adam & Ian
Ian & I did 3 laps together Saturday afternoon - the best half-hour of the trip for me
Yellow #2 & #3
Yellow #2 & #3 posing together
Five Ring crashers
All five blokes pictured have crashed at the ring - two crashed this trip :-(
Luckily I'm the only one who's really hurt himself
(Although Richiemouse points out that he did bruise his leg)


View from the Nurburg
We've been meaning to go to the castle (the Nürburg, in fact) for ages, and this time we made it.
This is the view across the village of Nürburg to the GP circuit
Adam & Amanda :-)
Despite the weather, we finished this Easter's trip a lot happier than last year's
August '00
May '01