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The Nordschleife is a very, very dangerous place - some say there are over 50 deaths a year during public ringing, mostly motorcyclists.

The Ring's official figure for the number of deaths appears to be (to put it mildly) misleading, seeming to show only those who were pronounced dead at the scene, and not the much greater number who suffered fatal injuries.

This apparent concealment of the true figure makes it very difficult for those thinking of Ringing to assess the true risk. Let me make a recommendation ...

In my opinion it's too dangerous to ride there.

In early July 2002, yet another motorcyclist died after crashing on an oil spill. In the few years I was Ringing, these occurrences seemed to be increasing.

It's one thing to know and accept the dangers of the Nürburgring's lack of run-off, marshalls and ambulances; to understand the implications if you hit the oh-so-close and unyielding armco. To an extent, how much of a danger these things pose is under your control.

However, chancing upon someone's oil trail is almost impossible to see or avoid.

Any road-legal vehicle is allowed on the Ring, but the stresses of this very fast circuit are too much for some. Some people are irresponsible enough to risk other people's lives by thrashing their dodgy cars there. I will no longer queue up to be one of their victims.

The Ring is a fun way to spend a weekend. The Ring is not worth dying for.

My advice is not to ride at the Ring.

I've had a lot of fun riding at the Ring, and I'm glad I've been able to decide to stop before the Ring decided for me. Other Ring-riding friends have made a similar sad decision.

I've had one serious crash there - my mistake, though made worse by the Ring's biker-unfriendly armco. After recovering from that crash, I decided to continue Ringing with a much larger margin for error - but oil kills careful riders as well as reckless ones.

These Ring pages have received thousands of visitors since 1998. Hopefully they've enjoyed the pictures and trip reports, and perhaps felt enthused to make their own visits to the Ring.

Now my hope is that visitors make themselves fully aware of the risks before considering riding there.

To put it from the spectator's point of view, Amanda says:

"I'm afraid that sitting in a car park wondering if the next 10 minutes will ruin my life is not my idea of a holiday."

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