Adamanda's Ixion@Cadwell Y2K1

......And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursted they were not here;
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That rode with us upon Saint Ixies day

Russell Brown's Ixion trackdays this year were a bit late, on September 24th & 25th. Luckily, we had pretty good weather - only a few sessions were wet.

The event immediately followed Ixion's Absent Friends weekend at Hardraw, and rather than trail our bikes all the way to Hardraw and back (or, heaven forbid, ride them), Richard took Yellow #3 to the tyre fitters, scrubbed them in a bit, loaded it on to a trailer and brought it to Cadwell for me! We showed him our gratitude by buying him lots of Wensleydale cheese, earning him the nickname "Richiemouse" :-) Amanda had one session on Yellow #3, and then spent the rest of the event borrowing other bikes, eventually settling on Henry Cooke-Smith's RVF400.

I had lots of fun at this trackday - I'd been off the road for a couple of months following my crash at Donington in June, then I did exactly the same thing (again without understanding why) at the 'ring the week before Cadwell.

It's a bit of an understatement to say my confidence was at low ebb, but I'd cheered myself up a bit by buying a pair of sooper-sticky tyres, and planned to start very very slowly: I booked myself in to the slow group on the Monday, and allowed myself the medium group on Tuesday. Partly this was because I was planning & expecting to be slow, and partly so the pace of the other riders would keep me from speeding up too soon. Like the previous Monday at the Ring, I mostly endured my slow-group day, then on Tuesday I started to have fun. Then I kept having fun, and didn't crash. I didn't even nearly crash :-) Most of my fun sessions were following Richiemouse, and it got better all the time - the memory of those sessions, and the ones with Russell and Henry, will keep me happy through the winter.

At the dinner on Monday evening, in a short but crap speech, I nominated my successor as "Spirit of Ixion" Jeff Wain :-(

Yellow #3's new sticky tyres didn't give me any problems, but I'm not sure how I feel about that - if it's just as likely to hurt me, but the event has moved to a higher speed, that just means it'll hurt more. Anyway, during my Monday at the Ring, and coming to this trackday, I wasn't sure if these'd be my last visits, but I enjoy it too much to stop. I doubt I'll ever do it the same as I did before, but it'll still be more fun than not doing it!

Ixion@Cadwell was special for another reason for Robin Szemeti & I, because it was the first test of our Mallard on-line event booking system. It seemed to work :-)

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Man, machine & hammer in harmony
Scrutineer and "my-body-is-a-temple" evangelist John
Greystrong carefully adjusts his silencer with a hammer
Yellow #2 & #3
Yellow #2 & #3 wait together for scrutineering
Mel glowing
[thinks ... horses sweat, men perspire ...]
Mel glowing during distribution of the event T-shirts
Katrina enjoying lunch
Clinton, Roger, Katrina, Alice, marvin at lunch
marvin without fag
marvin in rare no-fag shot
Richiemouse paints Amanda's nails
Richiemouse paints Amanda's nails
James' mouth
James shows why all the girls fancy him
Matt doesn't drink
Matt in an emotional reunion with
long-lost friend, Mr. Pint
Rob's T-shirt
Rob Bartlett's personalised T-shirt
Orb, Amanda & marvin
Orb, Amanda & marvin