Brands not Shoreham, 12th October 2008

A beautiful day, so we planned a trip to Shoreham to see a friend.
Though the METARs along the route showed low cloud and bad vis when we took off, the TAFs were promising - so there was a chance it'd get better just in time: we thought we'd get as far as we could, and turn back if we had to.

We only got half way, but it was a lovely flight even so. Here are a few of Amanda's photos ...

A car boot sale in Essex - what could be more English?
Essex car boot sale

Motocross at Joyce Green near Dartford:

British Superbikes weekend at Brands:
Brands Hatch British Superbikes

Riders in the KTM race celebrate with burnouts:
Brands Hatch KTM burnouts

A mile south of Brands, this caused us to turn back - it looks like unbroken low cloud covers Kent and Sussex!:
Kent cloud
(the mast in the centre is at J2 of the M20: 600ft / 1300ft AMSL)

New cars at Tilbury docks:
Cars at Tilbury docks

Tilbury Fort:
Tilbury Fort

The paddle steamer Waverley, on the azure waters of the Thames:
SS Waverley