Adamanda's Iron Butt (fnarr)

Adam & Amanda On 10th July 99, we rode 1,000 miles in a day, on an Iron Butt Association Saddlesore 1,000 - 1,000 miles in 24 hours. In doing so we raised some sponsorship money for the PDSA.

The event was organised by Alex Eggert of Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists, who wanted to set a record for the largest group to do the 1,000.

We borrowed Hoddy's FJ1200 (thinking it might be more suitable than my GSX-R600), and rode with Ixies Mik Reed, Mike Fleming & Simon Murfin rode together for the whole event. Simon was on a VFR, Mike on a Tiger. Mik would've been ridden his Tiger but he had mechanical problems, so he did the ride a ZZR600.

We left West London at 6am, and 19 hours later (via the shores of Loch Ness) we were back where we started. Mik & Mike then rode many more miles home, while we stayed at Simon's a couple of miles from the finish point.

Amanda's Bad Hair Day :-) I'd never had a burning desire to do a long-distance ride, but we've driven long distances in the car before and I wondered how it would compare. Prior to this I've had aches on a bike, but never felt tired. On this ride it was possible to keep aches at bay by stretching, standing on the pegs etc. - the only places that really suffered were right shoulder & wrist. For Amanda, 17 hours in a helmet made her suffer an itchy head and World's Worst Hair :-)

The last few hours were the hardest: tired, on unlit motorways, with the idea that we were "nearly home" - and with Amanda asleep and leaning her head on my back, occasionally slipping to one side :-)

I'm glad I did it, but I probably won't do it again - it's one of those experiences that's better looked back on!