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Adam's employer yellowduck provides a bike as a quick, economical, green and fun way to get to the client's site.

Pictures of the bike in traffic aren't very interesting, so here are some from (suitably taxed) private use of the bike.

Yellow #3

Yellow #3 arrived in March '01, and finished running-in at our Easter Ring trip. It's an excellent bike, though slightly more wheelie-prone than Yellow #1.

I had great Ring trip in May, and needed more, so a fortnight later went to a track evening at Donington (in the company of Yellow #1). For some reason, I lost the front in Coppice. The damage (to the bike) was mainly cosmetic, and I took it back to the Ring in September, where I had exactly the same kind of front-end crash :-(

Before Ixion@Cadwell Y2K1 I replaced the tyres with sooper-sticky Rennsports, and they behaved themselves - but I'm not sure if they fixed the problem (if there is a problem) or just moved it to a higher speed.

Collecting Yellow #3
Adam collects Yellow #3 (Mar '01)
Yellow #3 at Donington
Donington (May '01)
... a couple of laps before I fell off
Yellow #3 after Donington
Yellow #3 after Donington (May '01)
Yellow #3 after Ring
Yellow #3 after Ring (Sep '01)

Yellow #2

Yellow #2 lasted from November '00 to March '01 - I did 200 miles on it.

It didn't do anything wrong, but I really wanted the fuel injected model, and when I found one for a good price I sold Yellow #2 to Richiemouse, who wanted a replacement for his GSX-R600 (which he wrote-off at the Nürburgring in September).

Collecting Yellow #2
Adam & Richiemouse collect Yellow #2 (Nov '00).
This was my first road ride after my Easter crash.

Yellow #1

We had Yellow #1 from 1st March '99 to 23rd April '00, when it died at the Nürburgring. (It was later resurrected by the more mechanically expert owner of Redpoint Consulting)

Mansfield @ Cadwell (Aug '99)
on the Mountain
Cresting the Mountain @ Cadwell (Aug '99)
McLeans @ Donington (Sep '99)
Melbourne @ Donington (Jun '99)
Mansfield again
Mansfield @ Cadwell (Aug '99)

Multiple Yellows!

Yellow #[123] met at Redpoint. HQ, March '01.

Yellow bike convention Yellow bike convention
Yellow bike convention Adam on 3 yellow bikes
Adam on all the Yellow bikes!

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